Head of Content Team/Editor-in-Chief

We are looking for someone to head our content creation team full-time that has the analytical skills and passion to curate arguments on both sides of issues daily, along with the ability to create quality, engaging content. Whoever we hire will decide what topics we cover each day in conjunction with our CEO.

This hire needs to be a capable manager who can handle a diverse staff of freelancers, set editorial standards, and continuously improve the content creation process. We'd like someone who can also help us in cultivating an unbiased, objective, yet dynamic voice for our brand. Ultimately, whoever we hire will become an integral part our growing team and have equity in the company.

Other Requirements:

-Must be NYC based or willing to work in NYC office daily
-Bachelor's Degree or would consider equivalent experience
-Exceptional analytical/critical thinking skills
-Exceptional writing skills
-Desire to work on a startup team long-term and help build a business
-Self-starter/ability to work without close supervision
-Ability to effectively train others to create better content
-Ability to recruit and spot capable freelancers

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to:

Freelance Managing Editors

We're seeking smart, driven editors to help us take the daily content created by our writing staff and ready it for publishing. This includes quickly being able to synthesize top reasons on both sides of complex issues, adding those reasons to the freelancer drafts, and ensuring:

-All reasons actually logically support the reason above
-All reasons on both sides are the most sound and compelling arguments for that point
-All reasons have the most interesting/relevant/compelling facts for that point
-All reasons are distinct and not redundant
-All prose is clear and concise
-All prose is grammatically correct and spelled properly
-All headings accurately represent the main idea
-All sources are correct and accurately represented

You will also be giving feedback to the freelance writing staff and helping them improve with each assignment.

Most top candidates have some background in journalism, debate, philosophy and/or political science, but we consider all applications.

Freelance Writers

We're seeking smart, driven writers to help us create our daily content by mapping both sides of hot-button questions in the news. Freelance writers work closely with our editorial team to identify, research, and write about the most hotly-debated issues in politics, business & tech, culture, and beyond. Most top candidates have some background in journalism, debate, philosophy and/or political science, but we consider all applications.

Working remotely is a completely acceptable for this position.

To apply, send a one-paragraph cover letter and resume to:

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.